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Welcome, I’m Mariam and I have been using essential oils for two years now and I love them. They have changed our home in more ways that I can count. If you would have asked me about oils before that I would have thought you were crazy. Until times got desperate and a close friend gave some great information, and that’s where it all started. These things actually worked. I now have the joy of sharing them with others and changing others lives. So thank you for joining me in this Essential Oils 101 Workshop. I’m thrilled to have you here and I’m excited to share some great oily information with you! So grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, get comfortable and get ready to get your learn on!

This class will be focusing on the items Premium Starter Kit. The premium starter kit is the best way to get started because it allows you to get 11 of the most versatile, most popular oils plus a diffuser for ½ off the retail price. It’s the way that I got started and how most people get started with oils. You may not think you’ll be using all of the oils in the kit but I betcha that once you’ve finished this class, you’ll see that all of the kit oils will be handy to have around in your household.

Before getting started, please Click Here and read our Disclaimer and Safety Information!  After that, please enjoy scrolling through the pages and learning about essential oils!

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