Essential Oils 101


This unique blend contains scents that can help uplift, calm and refresh the mind.

Purification can be used for…

Air Purifier: Diffuse to help clean the air and neutralize odors, smoke, mildew, and mold.

Place 10 drops in 4oz glass spray bottle to freshen the air in your bathroom or for stinky shoes.

Insect Bites: Use directly on the occasional insect bite to help soothe the skin

Outdoors: Use in a spray to help keep the outdoors annoyance free.

Blemishes: Apply a drop on occasional blemishes to help support healthy, clear skin.

Blisters: Rub a drop on a blister to help support natural healing processes.

Immunity: Inhale from the bottle (great on airplanes) to help protect yourself from airborne pathogens.

Fresh Laundry: Add a few drops to the washing machine to freshen stale laundry.

Diaper Pail: Put a drop on a cotton ball and tape to the inside to help combat odor.

Bonus For Horses:  One of my favorite oils to add in horse sprays!

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