Essential Oils 101

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How do we know so much about these oils??!! Being a Hello Essentials member certainly has its benefits!

As a member, we have access to a private, informational Facebook group called the Hello Essentials along with over 20,000+ individuals who share their testimonials and success with the oils.

The purpose of the Hello Essentials is to serve as a one-­stop research area for people who want to learn more, look up something specific, or share their experiences with oils. With that many people around, you are sure to find many solutions to your questions!

We want to extend an invite to anyone here, who would like to know even more about essential oils and their uses as long as you are not or currently don’t have an essential oils distributor of any brand at the moment. It’s an exclusive perk of being a part of our team with no obligation to buy. We know some of you are already a part of the Hello Essentials so you can attest to how much information is in there!



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