Essential Oils 101

How To Use Essential Oils

There are three ways that you can use Young Living essential oils. Since Young Living’s oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade, they are safe to use in the following three ways:

Aromatically: Use an essential oils diffuser, inhale directly from the bottle, or place a drop in the palms of your hands and cup over your nose. This is the most gentle way to use essential oils.

Topically: Dilute with a carrier oil or apply ‘neat’ to your skin either directly at the source of concern or on the corresponding Vita Flex point on your feet. *Always start off using a carrier oil*

Internally: Mix with water or use a clear vegetable capsule (with carrier added to the essential oil in your capsule) to ingest, add oils to water (always use a glass cup). Some oils can also be used in cooking and baking. NOTE: This can only be done with therapeutic grade essential oils and it is a personal decision to ingest. We recommend that before you decide to ingest you research for yourself to find your comfort level.

Are all of Young Living’s oils compatible with all three methods of use? No! There are oils that are not recommended for ingestion. Each individual oil is labeled with the recommended uses and dilution ratio for adults. Be sure to read this information carefully before using the oils! If you are new to using essential oils, always start SLOWLY. Less is better and will ensure your body adjusts well to the oils.

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