Essential Oils 101

Animals & Oils

Why Use Essential Oils For Animals?

Essential oils can be used to affect emotional health and physical health.
Essential oils may be used to support a positive behavior modification while training dogs, horses, cats and other animals.

Essential oils can also be helpful in keeping a chemical free home. Think of all the surfaces our animals come in contact with~ grass/yards, sofas and rugs, floors…all with potential harmful chemicals and pesticides and fire retardants that they absorb thru their fur/skin and paws.

Essential oils are a natural alternative to many chemically-filled remedies for common pet issues.

Dilution Ratios For Animals:

Start slowly: As we said, Young Living’s essential oils are extremely potent and powerful substances. It is recommended to start slowly when you first begin using oils on your animals. Choose one oil to try and then build from there..You can usually apply essential oils as needed, but do not overload their system! Allowing the animal choice in participation and selection is key.

Animals are not little humans as they have very different metabolisms. Remember the smaller the size of our animal, the greater we need to dilute.

General guidelines for dilutions:
Cats/toy breeds, pocket pets, exotics: up to 90% dilution

Medium size dogs, pigs, goats, lamb: 50-75% dilution

Large size dogs, foals, sheep: 0-50% dilution

Horses, mules, giant breed dogs: 0-50% dilution

% dilution EO drops/Carrier oil drops
10% 9/1
25% 3/1
50% 1/1
75% 1/3
90% 1/9

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