Essential Oils 101


Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from the rind of the lemon.

Lemon can be used for:

Clarity: Diffuse for a greater mental clarity and to help uplift mood.

Allergies: Diffuse with a drop of peppermint and lavender!

Heartburn: Add 3 drops to a glass of water to help reduce occasional heartburn.

Cooking: Lemon may be used to enhance the flavor of food.

Dishcloths: Soak dish towels overnight in a bowl of water with 1 drop of lemon to help disinfect.

Dishwasher: Add a few drops to dishwasher to help remove hard water spots.

Oral Health: Rub 1 drop directly onto gums to support healthy gums.

Cloth Diapers: Add a few drops to your wash to help brighten and disinfect.

Gum, Grease & Crayons: Use 1­2 drops to remove gum, grease, and crayons from most surfaces.

Bonus For Horses:  Assist With Gentle Cleansing, Promote Drinking, Encourages Healthy Appetite, Aids In Cleansing Abscesses

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