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Essential Rewards – How Does It Work?

Essential Rewards/ER–What the heck does it mean?

Essential Rewards is like the subscription box (like Stitch Fix, meal prep deliveries, etc) of the oily world, except YOU pick what you want for each shipment! If you are spending 50 PV (each product has a Point Value) each month, then this program makes sense for you!

If you’re new and you’re like–what the heck would I spend approximately $50 per month on Young Living products? Well, think about the products you use every.single.month….like dishwashing liquid, hand soap, hand purifier, lotion, skin care products, shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, laundry detergent. Just a few of those will add up to $50 each month, right? Young Living’s products are cleaner than any of the products you’re getting from the grocery store or even health food store (no toxic chemicals, no preservatives, no added fillers, etc), so you can start switching out your old products with Young Living’s products AND start earning 10% back in free store credit! After 3 months of being on Essential Rewards/ER, you’ll be earning 20% back! That’s wayyyy better than the measly 5% you’d be getting from your Target Redcard or you 1-2% back from your favorite rewards credit card. Plus, you won’t need to leave your house, deal with traffic, parking and long lines! It’s a win-win! 😉

You can learn more about our awesome loyalty program Essential Rewards by watching this super quick video:

Be sure to email if you have questions or need help or just go to, sign into your Virtual Office and go to the Essential Rewards section to set up your first order!


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