You’re Invited!

You’re Invited!

You’ve been invited to our wellness education groups along with our equine education group. You’ll find exclusive essential oil tips and recipes along with monthly giveaways and educational workshops in both groups! These groups are only available to members of our team and their customers. If you are a distributor with another essential oils company or you are already a Young Living member from another team, please contact your upline to see if they have any education groups available for you. If you’re interested in joining the group, please submit the form below and contact the person who referred you here so they can make sure you get added into the group! If you found this webpage on your own or through the internet please friend request Mariam Weinstein and send her a Facebook message after submitting the forms below. Here Facebook profile is


Easily Essential Oils For People, Pets, & Horses!

– An educational group with lots of great info for PETS & PEOPLE – Free classes, workshops, and live events!  This group does not require you to submit an invite.  Simply visit and you should be in!  If for some reason the group is not showing up, please contact the person who referred you and ask them to add you!


Click Here Join – Easily Essential

Easily Essential Equestrians – Our Horses Education Group where you can learn everything horse related!

Click Here Join – Easily Equine

Hello Essentials – Our largest education group full of testimonials and recipes galore!
Click Here To Join – Hello Essentials

*After submitting the forms please contact the person who referred you here so that they can be sure you’re added to the groups!

Note:  Once you submit each form it should take about 24 hours to be added to the group!  Be sure to read the Pinned post at the top and utilize the “search” bar for anything you’d like to look up.  There is also a files section in the upper left-hand corner with a Glossary that you can browse.

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