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My Story

Welcome! I’m Mariam and I am so happy to have you here. I was first introduced to essential oils in 2014 after the birth of my daughter.  She suffered from a lot of skin and stomach sensitivities.  After reading an article about how chemicals can increase sensitivities, I went on a mission.  I completely eliminated sulfates, chemicals, and anything toxic from my home.  I was fortunate enough to discover Young Living and it made the process a lot easier.  Instead of having to make everything myself or spend tons of money on expensive products, I found a company that’s mission was the same as mine.  What I wanted to achieve in my home, they were already achieving on a global level!

I started trying the products on myself and instantly fell in love. My daughter had been suffering from sensitivities since she first born. Because she was so sensitive, I waited to introduce oils to her. I did it slowly and one at a time just to make sure she didn’t react to them.  Soon I found a combination that worked great for her skin and her overall wellness.  Now I use the products for our whole family, including our dog and our horses!

After using the oils for two years and recommending them to my friends, I made the decision to pursue this as a business.  My husband, who was completely skeptical of oils when I first started looked at me one night and said, “You’re constantly  helping people with these oils, why don’t you do this as a business.”  I was shocked!  I knew that the oils had won him over, but I never thought I’d hear him encouraging me to pursue this as a business.   Soon my oils were paying for themselves, and our groceries!  This is when I started to see Young Living as a business, and not just as products I love to use.  Today I am excited to share these oils with others, whether they’re looking to start a business or simply want to improve the quality of their life!



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