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So…there are two ways of ordering:

1) Become a Retail Customer–no benefits or discounts, but you can qualify for the monthly promo free oils if you buy the allotted amount

2) Become a Wholesale Member and buy the Premium Starter Kit-, which comes with 11 oils, some samples plus a diffuser (worth $85). It’s the best deal for your money. It’s $160 plus shipping/tax and it’s worth more than $350 if you were to buy the oils separately. 

If you are interested in getting the Premium Starter Kit, you HAVE to sign up as a wholesale member, but you DO NOT have to sell a thing. You’ll become a wholesale member & get the wholesale discount (24% off) for any future orders you make and be able to buy the Premium Starter Kit. You do NOT have to sell anything EVER–there’s no pressure–AND there is NO monthly minimum purchase to keep your 24% off discount.

How To Order

It’s simple!
Go to youngliving.com
Click on “become a member”
Add my sponsor/enroller number #2828617
(or the person who invited you)
Screen 2 lets you pick out your kit
Screen 3 adds your mailing info
Screen 4 collects your payment info
And you are off and running!

 If you have questions or need assistance, please email info@easilyessential.com.

Mariam Weinstein
Member #2828617
Big Paw Productions, LLC

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