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Total Wellness With Essential Oils – Ariel Baillargeon

You are about to see how…
Just A Few Drops Can Lead You On A Totally Simple Path To Total Wellness!

There are two great videos below.  One is focused on using essential oils for families and the other is great solutions for horses (with a lot of great people info in there too)!  We’ll cover:

    • How To Support Relaxation
    • How To Support Sensitive Skin
    • How To Support Your Digestive System
    • How To Support Breathing, Circulation, Muscles, Joints, Tendons, and Immune System.
    • How To Ditch The Toxins In Your Home & Save Money
    • Total support for yourself, your family, your pets, and your horses!

WATCH: Super Quick Intro to Essential Oils For Horses

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WATCH: Super Quick Intro to Essential Oils For Families

Finally, a safe, quick and effective way to keep your family & horses calm, happy, vibrant and healthy!



Ariel is therapist with a long standing history of working with horses and training in Equine-Assisted Therapy. She’s worked in both inpatient mental health and outpatient therapy. She also runs a successful small Equestrian Farm. She owns 7 horses and two donkeys. She also dabbles in other farming areas as well. She currently has 9 goats, 3 cows, 10 chickens and a duck. Her goal for 10+ years has been natural horsemanship. She has attended multiple seminars and has actively sought out ways to be more natural with her equine friends and within her home. Essential oils have become her passion and she loves helping other equestrians, parents, therapists, and pet lovers impliment them in their lives!

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