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Back To School Support With Essential Oils


I’m Mariam Weinstein and I’m so glad to have you here. I first started using essential oils shortly after my daughter was born. She had multiple food allergies, eczema, was experiencing breathing problems, and needed a major spinal cord surgery. I was a total mess trying to navigate all of her sensitivities along with my own anxiety. When a doctor suggested I go totally chemical-free in our home I told him…I am chemical free! I buy all my products from the health food store or have them shipped in those “natural baby boxes” every month. He said I don’t know what you’re doing but whatever it is it’s not enough. Guess what…he was right! I went on a mission to help my daughter and found out there were so many hidden skin, lung, and stomach irritants in the products I was using…not to mention other scary things like carcinogens and hormone disruptors. I started using essential oils in place of all of those products and noticed such a big change by just removing harmful products and replacing them with ones that were safe. I also noticed a difference in myself and my husband did too. I was less stressed out.  Our skin got so much more clear, we felt better, we stopped having to take allergy pills every day….the changes were incredible. It’s amazing what can happen when our bodies aren’t bombarded with toxins and chemicals!  Now I have the pleasure of helping other mom’s do the same for their families. The beginning of the school year is here and I hope you enjoy these tips and tricks for supporting your family year-round!




Before we get started let’s talk about how to safely use essential oils and how they work.  It’s important to mention that the only Essential Oils that I trust for my family are Young Living Essential Oils.  I used these oils exclusively for 2 years before I ever decided to share them with others or sell anything at all!  I used them because I had tried many other essential oil companies and experienced some not so fun reactions to their oils.  I went on a mission to find the best essential oils out there, the safest ones, for my daughter and for the rest of my family.  Young Living Essential Oils has been around for over 25 years. There are many other essential oil companies to choose from these days. And we do mean many. We see essential oils at almost every store we walk into.

So what makes us so different?
We are the ONLY essential oil company that owns its own farms or partners with farms that work up to our standards….
We test the dirt for pesticides.
We test the water for additives and toxins.
We harvest our own seeds to ensure there are no GMOs.
We use essential oils as natural pesticides on our crops.
We harvest our plants according to the highest yield of potent oil­–sometimes during the day, during the night, by hand, by tool, by machinery.
We distill on­site in our own distilleries which are made of medical grade stainless steel, use low heat, slow steam processing to retain therapeutic properties of the oil, and we distill only one time. We test our own oils several times throughout the distillation process and after. We also bottle our own oils. All other essential oil companies buy their oils already distilled and have no quality or purity controls.

Check out this link for more in depth information for my fact-finder friends:

WE are in charge of what we put on our bodies and in our bodies. Let’s lower our exposure to toxins by making sure that the essential oils we’re putting on and in our bodies and breathing in from our diffusers are the most pure oils around. No other essential oil company owns their own farms like Young Living does so you can rest assured that what you’re using has been monitored since the seed went into the ground.

Would you ever want to go see and be a part of the Seed to Seal experience at one of the farms? Young Living is the only company that does that.



Check out this short video to see the science behind how essential oils work. Comment below with one thing you learned after watching it!  (p.s. this is as scienc-y as I get tonight, promise)

How do we use these things!?

3 ways because of the purity that Young Living promised with their Seed to Seal Guarantee.  Aromatically, Topically and Internally – Let’s break it down!

  • Aromatically:   Inhale directly from the bottle, diffuse in your barn, or add a drop to the palm of your hands and cup over your horse’s nose for inhalation.
  • Topically:  Neat or Diluted. Diluted can be done with carrier oils such as the V-6, coconut oil. jojoba oil, olive oil, etc. Apply at the source of concern. Use on your horses poll, spine, cornet band, and inside their hooves to provide extra support. *Always start off using a carrier oil and dilute at 50%.*
  • Internally:  You can mix Young Living Vitality Oils directly into your horse’s grain and water, use a syringe with carrier oil or water, or drop them inside your horse’s lower lip.

*Check bottle label for instructions and visit for more info.



A carrier oil is an oil that can be used to dilute essential oils. Carrier oils include coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, Young Living’s V­6 Vegetable Oil Complex, hemp seed and olive oil. Carrier oils do not lessen the potency of the essential oil, it acts as a buffer to allow the essential oil to absorb more slowly. Refer to each bottle for minimum dilution ratios for adults.

A diffuser has a well for water that you add a few drops of essential oil to. We recommend starting with 2-­3 drops of your desired essential oil. The water molecules and essential oil molecules are then diffused into the air in the room­­ cleaning and purifying the air. They act like a humidifier by adding moisture into the air. We like having a diffuser in each bedroom and one in the living room.

Be sure to only use Young Living diffusers with Young Living essential oils. Young Living sources their own diffusers ensuring that their proprietary plastic is used so that the essential oils do not break down the plastic parts because no one wants to breathe in plastic molecules…amiright? 

Plus, that Desert Mist diffuser – it runs ALL NIGHT LONG, and has 10 light modes, including candle flicker and off. Who else just replaced ALL the candles in their home in their head just now?

Now that we understand a little more about how to use essential oils – let’s get started with some great tips for back to school!


A restful night’s sleep is so important for everyone.  I love putting 2 drops of Lavender on my daughter’s pillow at night and my own!

My daughter isn’t the only person in this family with a sensitive tummy!  I’m a person that needs a lot of digestive support.  I put a few drops of peppermint in a mug and fill it with hot water every night after dinner to help settle my stomach.  I call it my “Peppermint Tea” and a bonus is my daughter always tells me my breath smells like candy canes!

You know how they always talk about drinking Lemon water to detox your body?  I choose Lemon oil for all the good flushing support!  It’s easy and I can keep it in my purse so when I go to a restaurant or anywhere out I have instant lemon water!


I used to be a person that would get totally wiped out when I was sick.  I couldn’t function and it would last a really long time.  My daughter is already sensitive enough and I definitely don’t want that for her.  So Thieves on the bottom of our feet is an absolute must for supporting our immune system’s all year round.  We use it twice a day during the school year and then if we feel some kind of ick coming on, I increase it to 4 times a day.


Remember how I talked about how my daughter had some breathing issues when she was younger.  I was SOOOO scared that she would develop asthma.  It runs in my family and multiple doctors told me that I needed to be prepared for it especially with the issues she was already having.  She had a cough every night even when she wasn’t sick and they found some irregularities on her chest Xrays.  That’s why going toxin free in the home was so important to me…once I figured out how all of the synthetic fragrances (don’t even get me started on how harmful these are) and chemicals were known lung irritants I got them out of my home right away and I started diffusing  oils for breathing support.  I started with Frankincense (which we’ll talk about next) because it’s a super gentle oil and she was a baby.  I noticed that on the night’s I diffused it in her room she didn’t cough, and on the night’s that I forgot to turn on the diffuser, she did cough.  It was a really big eye opener for me about how powerful these oils are.  We still diffuse Frankincense in her room all the time, but when we notice that she needs a little extra support I add Raven!  Raven is a specially formulated blend of essential oils designed to support lung health.  It’s also a great one to use before a work out on your chest to help with your breathing while you work out!

So you already know how much I love Frankincense for breathing support and it’s great for so many other things as well!  Add a drop to the bottom of  your child’s feet for a restful night’s sleep.  It’s an excellent oil for children who struggle with focusing in class and I LOVE it for my skin.  I rub a drop on my face before applying my moisturizer and have noticed a big change.  About two weeks after I started doing this my husband asked me if I was wearing makeup when I wasn’t so I know I’m not the only one that noticed!

Citrus Fresh is such a great oil to diffuse for a calm, focused, and stink-free environment!   It’s also another one that’s great on the bottom of feet for immune support!

Great for active kiddos and also active parents!  We are in the process of moving right now so that means a lot of packing boxes and moving boxes around for me.  By the end of the night my back, feet, legs, basically everything are feeling overworked and underpaid.  I use a few drops of Panaway with carrier oil and rub it in all the sore areas of my body.  In the morning I wake up feeling fine!


Great for taking tests, stressful situations, or any time you or your kids just need to take a breather.   this is an oil you’ll be thankful you have!


Whether you have stomach sensitives or not…this oil is a must!  I’ve always had stomach issues and my food has a tendency to not want to stay down so whenever I feel that dreaded build up coming up my throat I reach for Digize.  I dilute it with a little carrier oil and rub on my stomach and all the way up my throat.  I also do the same for my daughter whenever she’s eating something that doesn’t agree with her.  I also drop 1-2 drops in a cup of water and drink it when I’m having stomach issues – or just add to a capsule and take the capsule.  Side Note:  If you have a dog or horse with a sensitive tummy or showing signs of stomach discomfort this is a great oil to reach for!


If you need a boost of confidence or your child does…this oil will be your best friend!  It’s great for confidence and courage in stressful situations.  It is also an excellent oil for spinal support so if your back is feeling a little off it’s a great oil to reach for!  We’ve been using this oil to help my daughter ever since she was a baby and needed spinal cord surgery.


Stress away smells like a tropical vacation in a bottle!  This is my absolute favorite oil for stressful situations.  I keep this oil in my purse at all times and I use it throughout the day!



Ningxia Red is our superfood drink. It comes in 2 ounce pouches or in a bottle so you can serve yourself 1-2 ounces per day. It is designed to energize, fortify and revitalize your body and mind.

Ningxia Red is made from organic Ningxia wolfberries. Wolfberries are the Mercedes Benz of goji berries and have tons of antioxidants–the nutrient that helps to combat the effects of free radicals and cell damage. These wolfberries come from the Ningxia province of China, which has the most over-100 year old active people. “Active” meaning living, working, exercising. The secret to their healthy longevity is that they puree the wolfberries and drink that every day.

Our Ningxia Red is full of the Ningxia wolfberries but also contains other superfruits. One ounce of Ningxia Red contains the same antioxidant levels as 100 oranges or 59 broccoli florets! It’s got a low glycemic level of 11 and is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

It tastes best cold–so put it in your refrigerator or make popsicles with it in the summer for a healthy treat.

You will be getting two of these packets in your starter kit (lift the top layer of oils to get to the Ningxia packets and Stress Away in your kit), are rich in antioxidants that combat those free radicals. NingXia Red is a specially formulated powerful antioxidant drink that tastes great, fortifies the body, and replenishes key nutrients in your body. This yummy drink contains pure essential oils such as orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine, as well as the renowned Wolfberry, and a wide variety of vitamin enriched whole fruits such as blueberries, apricots, raspberries, and pomegranates.

That is why drinking Ningxia Red and using your essential oils daily is a must to give you those antioxidants you need, and to help support your immune system. That is why I love Young Living’s monthly wellness subscription service, Essential Rewards, because since my family needs to drink Ningxia Red daily, that is a must to order every month through Essential Rewards. Joining Essential Rewards is a key factor in really changing your health and your life.
You see, consistency is key when using essential oils, and drinking Ningxia Red. If you truly want to see a change in your mind, body, and health, you have to diffuse these oils, apply these oils, and especially drink Ningxia Red daily.

Compare it to losing weight and getting in shape. You can’t say, “I am going to eat healthy one meal a week, and go to the gym once a week.” That isn’t how it works. To lose weight, to get in shape, you must work on it daily and be consistent with it. Wouldn’t you agree?

The same goes for using these oils, these products, supplements, and drinking NingXia Red. You must take daily action. Because what happens daily? Our body gets attacked by what? (See if anyone can answer). Cell wrecking free radicals!

The perfect size to keep in your purse and our starter kit also comes with a hand purifier!  These two together are a total must for going out.  I use the spray for hard surfaces like restaurant tables etc. and the hand purifier on our hands.



Let’s talk about another reason Young Living is the greatest company on the planet.

Young Living also has a non-profit organization that is saving lives all over the world. The Foundation works to help underserved communities by providing education, wellness, and economic opportunities in the United States, Uganda, Ecuador, Nepal, the Philippines, and Croatia.

What’s even more amazing is that Young Living completely covers the Foundation’s administrative and operating costs of approximately $1 million per year to ensure that 100% of every single tax-deductible donation goes directly to those in need.

Whenever you check out on the Young Living website, there will an option to “Round Up” your order to the nearest dollar. Please consider doing so–in less than one second, with the click of your mouse, you can make a difference with every single order starting with your Premium Starter Kit order.


We’ve all signed up for the loyalty programs where you can swipe your card and after a certain number of swipes or points earned, you get some free stuff, right? Or maybe you have the Target Cartwheel app to get 5% off every purchase. Or maybe you use your mileage earning credit card to get 1-2% back in miles.

Young Living has an even better program. It’s called Essential Rewards (ER) and is our customer loyalty program and customizable monthly subscription box. You automatically start earning 10% back of your purchases and then after 3 months, you start earning 20% back!

Essential Rewards is the smartest way to switch out your existing products with Young Living’s healthier options. You’ll get to handpick all of the items you want to purchase each month, get it delivered right to your front door AND you’ll start earning a percentage of your Essential Rewards order back in points that you can turn in for free product. The minimum Essential Rewards purchase is 50 PV (PV means Product Value, which varies for each product but most products are $1=1 PV except for the Starter Kits, Diffusers and hard to source items).

Just to give you an idea of how easy it is to be on Essential Rewards, you’ll likely want a bottle of Thieves Essential Oil every other month to make sure you never run out of it. Just that bottle of Thieves oil is 33.75 PV. Add in a new-to-you essential oil or a skin/body/oral/hair care product, a household cleaning product, a supplement or Savvy Minerals makeup product and you’re already above the 50 PV minimum. The more you order each month, the more points you’ll earn. And if you order 100/190/250/300 PV in one Essential Rewards order, you’ll also qualify for the monthly promo freebies Young Living offers each month.

It is an optional program that helps you earn free products! The best part about the program is that there are no strings attached. Really! It is very simple. You may sign up for the program at anytime in your oil journey. If you are not satisfied, you may cancel at any time. If you love Young Living essential oils and they currently have become a way of life then it only makes sense to join ER!
This program is a great option if you want to:
1. earn ER points = FREE store credit to use in the future;
2. earn FREE promotional YL products each month based on what you spend;
3. receive discounted shipping; and
4. gain access to special ER kits that are exclusively offered to ER customers.
PRO-TIP: In the beginning, you will earn 10% back on your purchases. If you order 50 PV then you will have 5 points to spend already. Do that for 2 months and you have a free Cedarwood or Orange!



Most of us stumbled into the business side of this by accident…we bought our Premium Starter Kits, fell in love with the products and couldn’t NOT share about them with our friends and family. Helping others become empowered about their health and wellness is a priority for many of us doing the business side of things.

The beauty of this business is the freedom we have. We can work the hours we want and earn more if we want to. There’s never any pressure to do more than you want to do. And we never chase sales!!! YUCK!!! Who wants to do that?!? We simply share and educate, just like we did in this class. Our first priority is to be educational resources to our interested friends and family members.

Joining our team comes with lots of perks–a members-only education group, a members-only business group, free training resources, and more.

There’s nothing special that you have to do to start your own Young Living business–just ordering your Premium Starter Kit is the first step. The only other step you’d need to make is to purchase 100 PV (remember, PV means Product Value–each product has a point value) per month of your own personal product purchase. There’s no quotas and no pressure to do more than you’re comfortable doing. Hey, you could earn enough to cover your oil obsession or you could earn enough to help pay your mortgage! It’s totally do-able either way!

Be sure to talk to the person who invited you to this class if you’d like more information about the business. We promise–we promise that no one will hound you with calls or emails about the business!

And if you’re not interested in the business, know that you can simply purchase your Premium Starter Kit and purchase products at a wholesale discount whenever you want or sign up for Essential Rewards and start earning free product.


The Foundation to your Wellness Journey …..

Over $400 worth of products for only $165!
– diffuser….CHECK 
– 12 BOTTLES of essential oils…. CHECK
– best antioxidant drink on the planet …… CHECK
– Thieves Spray …… CHECK
– Thieves Hand Sanitizer…… CHECK
– Member Discounted Pricing of 24% off retail to buy what you want when you want, and never any requirements to buy or sell …. CHECK
– Option to take advantage of referral opportunity and make an income …… CHECK
– Option to take advantage of a monthly subscription box which gives back with points and products just for ordering what you need anyway…… CHECK

You were waiting for a sign to sign up, and here it is!

The Perks Of Joining Our Team:

FREE Beginners Guide To Essential Oils With 45 RECIPES!
FREE 3 Month Wellness Plan Customized Just For You!
FREE members-only oil education Facebook Group with recipes, testimonials, and LIVE ONLINE CLASSES!
FREE 30 Day Email Workshop to help you get comfortable with your oils and the business if you’re interested!
FREE members-only business  Facebook Group with daily support, templates, and all the tools you could ask for to run a successful business!
FREE Community Coaching Calls, Training Videos, Graphics, Workshop Templates, and ongoing SUPPORT AND TRAINING!

How To Order and Save More Than 60%:

-It’s Simple! Visit
-Click On “Become A Member”
-Add Sponsor/Enroller #2828617 For Big Paw Productions, LLC (or contact The person who referred you for their ID#)
-Pick Your Kit (Desert Mist Diffuser & Lantern are my favorites)
-Check: Use the selected Premium Starter Kit as my first Essential Rewards order and sign me up for an Essential Rewards subscription if you’d like to start earning FREE products right away!   *If you check this box, please select customize your kit to customize your order for next month.  You can change your order at any time before the shipping date next month so if you decide you’d like to add anything or take anything away later on it’s no big deal!  Suggested products are:  Thieves Household Cleaner 14.4 Oz (makes over 60 bottles of cleaner and also works great on any hoof funk, skin funk, cleaning water buckets, sheaths, etc!), Rosemary 15ml (Great during bug season & Immune support), Cedarwood (Great during bug season, for grounding, sleep, stress)!
-Continue Enrollment:  If you’d like to add more products to this order you can do it here.  If not, just click “next”.
-Enter your membership information and confirm that #2828617 (or whoever referred you)  is entered as your sponsor & enroller.  Agree to Terms & Conditions.
-Enter Payment & Shipping Information
-And You Are Off And Running!
-Email and let us know you got started so we can add you to all of our education groups and send you all the free perks that go along with being a part of our team!

Well, we’ve come to the end of our Back To School Support With Essential Oils Workshop! If you’re interested in getting started please contact the person who referred you here or email for help.



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