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Welcome to our business workshop! Sit back, enjoy your favorite beverage (we love Ningxia Red with sparkling water and a drop of Tangerine Vitality) and enjoy the workshop. If you aren’t yet a member, WELCOME! We are one big oily family and cannot wait to share more information on the business with you. Every “team” in Young Living has their own resources & strategies so make sure you check with who invited you about what resources and strategies are best for you!

In this workshop, we are going to cover the very basics about the income opportunity Young Living offers. We could dive deeper, but that is for another day. We really want to focus on the potential and how you can get started in the way you want that fits your lifestyle and needs. Young Living offers flexibility so that you can earn the type of income you want on your time and in your way. There is never any pressure to buy or sell, no pressure to host events or parties, no really – we are serious here. It truly is an opportunity that will fit you!

There are 11 pages to scroll through below.  We hope you enjoy them and thank you for being here.

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