What’s The Big Difference With Essential Oil Companies?

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What’s The Big Difference With Essential Oil Companies?
Who thinks all oils are the same?
Who thinks Young Living oils are too expensive?
I certainly did when I first started using oils. I bought cheap oils at Whole Foods & Sprouts & made my own thieves oil because I thought they were all the same. I even took them internally since ya know–the label said 100% pure & natural (and said do not take internally–whoops).
Well, come to find out, you really are getting what you pay for! Young Living’s Seed to Seal guarantee is what makes this company different.

This is video of the Young Living Tansy harvest. Yes, that is the CEO of the company, D. Gary Young driving the tractors! Notice the cleanliness of the fields, distillery machinery? Notice that the harvested plant goes right from the field to the distilling machinery? Notice that the distillery machinery is made of medical grade stainless steel? Notice that the lab is taking samples of each batch to test to ensure that they’re getting what they want out of the plant? They actually test each batch numerous times throughout the entire distillation process to ensure it’s only the highest quality & purity. Notice that they also store the distilled oil in a medical grade stainless steel container?

I encourage you to see where other companies get their oils. Oh, that’s right–no one else owns their own farms so they can’t show you! Hmmmm…isn’t that interesting?
Oh, there’s one company that says they source their own oils–Aura Cacia–which you can find at most health food stores. They have a Source to Shelf philosophy. Sounds pretty good, right? Ok, so watch this video that they proudly show on their website of where they source their patchouli:

Hmm…well, first thing I noticed is that THEY don’t own the farm. There’s no way that they’re testing the dirt for residue of RoundUp, pesticides or herbicides. Are they testing the seeds to ensure they’re planting only the seeds from the strongest, heartiest plants? Are they ensuring there are no GMOs? Hmmmm…what do they use for a pesticide? Young Living uses essential oils & neem oil. I see a rusty old distilling machine that has no pressure gauge, murky, dirty water that the oil gets separated in (in the ground!!!), aluminum steel distilling machinery, really “scientific” testing going on (insert sarcasm), and oils stored in re-used plastic bottles & detergent drums (can you say BPA in your oils?!?).

I don’t know about you, but I am appalled that they call their oils 100% pure & natural! That ain’t natural! And people (me) put that crap on their skin & even take them internally (ME again). Well, that oil, if just put on the skin, is going to get absorbed into your bloodstream. Do you really want aluminum residue, BPA residue & who knows what the heck else due to contamination issues going into your bloodstream? What about your kids’ bloodstream? Heck no!

So, this is the only other essential oil company that claims to source its own oils. Other oil companies are just buying them from oil brokers like the ones you saw on the street in the market. Other companies say they get their oils from farm indigenous areas. Well, here’s a question for ya—are you eating all of your food from indigenous areas? People are so concerned about their food these days–organic, certified organic, etc. Well, it’s pretty rare to find food that is truly indigenous. Does it really matter where the plant is grown if they’re not paying attention to the rest of the process?

Young Living has farms all over the world & is acquiring more farms as we speak! Young Living tests how the plants are growing in different areas of the world & only grows plants in areas where they do well. All of our future planned farms will have the same pristine, clean, process you saw in our video. Anyone can walk off the street & go visit any of our farms–do it–you’ll walk away even more impressed.

Here’s an example, just an example (sorry, I couldn’t help myself & make a Cypress Hill reference)….Young Living couldn’t find an excellent source of black spruce–the one ingredient in our much-coveted Valor that has been out of stock for what seems like forever. You know what they did? Well, first thing they did…well, I should say DIDN’T do, is accept less-than-excellent black spruce from multiple farms that offered it. They almost had a farm that tested “good” or “acceptable” but there were just a few constituents of the oil that didn’t meet with Young Living’s stringent standards so you know what Young Living did? You think they restocked Valor and made a crap ton of money because customers were getting angry & impatient that it had been out of stock & were waiting (not so patiently) to buy it? NO! They continued to search & kept Valor out of stock (except thank goodness in our Premium Starter Kits). And then when they couldn’t find it, Young Living decided to BUY A FARM! You read that right—they BOUGHT A FARM!?!?!  Who does that?!? It’s a beautiful farm up in Northern Canada that has acres & acres of high-quality black spruce trees & enough room to plant more so that we will have a continuous supply of black spruce. They are currently building a distillery, a spa, an RV park & a visitor’s center on the land and hope to have the Grand Opening in October. I mean, that’s insane! No other oil company would do that! No way!

No other oil company invests in its own farms & its own distilleries to ensure the highest quality product. Other oil companies don’t run out of stock (Young Living currently has quite a list of out of stock oils)–that’s because they’re willing to buy & use whatever quality oil just to make a buck. Young Living doesn’t compromise on quality or purity & is willing to be out of stock for a time rather than put an inferior product on the market. The good thing is that they have almost 200 oils to choose from so even with quite a few out of stock, there are other oils that can do similar things. I’m proud to be a part of this company & every time I hear stuff like this, every time I go visit a farm (seen three so far) & see the entire process, I am even more impressed.
I could go on & on, but now that you’ve seen the difference, which one do you want to use?
Written By, Carol Yeh-Garner. Share this on Facebook if you agree that  Young Living Essential Oils are the best in the world!

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